About Us



This adventure was created by our daughter Marcella
when she was ten years old. It began with many boxes of
old and broken crayons saved over years and years
(okay, I’m quite a packrat). We searched the internet for
some inspiration and found that we could recycle them
into new shapes by melting them. Marcella suggested
selling her own recycled crayons. Okay then.
We mixed, melted, molded, and then decided that the
smell of the hot paraffin was awful! Next, we transformed
some old soybean crayons into new shapes instead.
Wonderful!! Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, fun, and
amazing crayons were produced right before our eyes.
Marcella made a list of some possible names for her
shaped soy crayons and “The Amazing Crayon” topped it.

Today, we work together as a family
making, packing, and selling these great crayons.
We have quite a collection of molds and colors.
Our shaped soy crayons are now made from our own
recipe using natural soy wax and pigment.
They smell great, color well, and most importantly,they
are much better for our little artists and the environment.